PEWG Blog Submission Guidelines

The PEWG blog accepts posts on any subject that might interest the Boston DSA membership. Members of Boston DSA are especially encouraged to submit their writing. The PEWG Editorial Committee (“the Committee”) will review all submissions that meet both these guidelines and the PEWG Editorial Committee Proposal [Section 4] guidelines, and respond to authors as soon as possible. The blog will be updated weekly. If the submission is already published elsewhere, please let us know when submitting. If you have an idea for a post and would like to discuss how to develop it, please reach out to us at education@bostondsa.org!

We invite submissions in three broad categories: perspectives on local chapter activities, socialist perspectives on current or historical events/issues, and cultural commentary.

  1. Perspectives on local chapter activities include thoughtful report-backs from meetings or events that Boston DSA members participated in, including activities of our coalition partners, or day-to-day operations such as working groups. The goal of having this category is to promote self-aware discussion and opinionated reflection upon our history and our actions as a local, rather than just reproducing meeting notes — the critical voice of the author should come through.
  2. Socialist perspectives on current or historical events/issues can be as broad as desired. We encourage clear and descriptive language. The reading level should not assume prior knowledge on the topic.
  3. Cultural commentary including evaluations of recent books, movies, and other media.

Review and acceptance process: The procedure for accepting texts will be by Committee discussion and consensus. If there is objection on the part of any Committee member to the publication of a text, the decision will go to a vote of currently eligible Committee members, with majority ruling. In the event of a tie we will err on the side of not publishing. Once preliminarily accepted, each piece will be assigned a specific Committee member or members who will liaise with the author on any substantial content changes (minor copyediting changes may be made without author approval). Style edits will be made in accordance with the PEWG Newsletter Committee style guide, accessible here. When a revisions process has been undertaken to the satisfaction of the Committee member(s) involved, and the final draft approved by the author, the piece will be considered again in its revised form. If accepted, publication timeline will be discussed with the author.

Images: Images may be provided with appropriate credit. If using stock images, please consider using images available through Creative Commons to avoid any copyright violations. We ask for 100 dpi or higher if you’d like to include images.

Citations: Provide links to online sources if possible. Provide citations for direct quotes.

Credit: Sign the post as you wish to be identified on this public platform.

Please send all submissions to education@bostondsa.org with “PEWG Blog Submission” in the subject line.

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