Why We’re Relaunching the Prison Abolition Working Group

- Boston DSA Prison Abolition Working Group A socialist society cannot coexist with the prison system. This is a system that actively suppresses marginalized peoples, commits atrocities under the falsehood of justice, and fundamentally perpetuates capitalism through the prison-industrial complex. As socialists, we must dedicate ourselves to the destruction of the carceral state and the …

The Woodstock Conservatism of Lana Del Rey

In January, pop star Lorde responded to pressure from advocates for Palestine by canceling a scheduled concert in Tel Aviv, prompting outrage (including an Israeli lawsuit against activists in her native New Zealand). Lorde joined a growing list of music artists — from Elvis Costello and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters to Lauryn Hill and Talib Kweli — who have refused to violate the cultural boycott of Israel demanded by the international movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS).

On September 9, Lana Del Rey is scheduled to perform in Israel for the first time at Tel Aviv’s Meteor Festival, and it is regrettably unlikely she’ll join that list.