Mission Statement

From the struggle to organize graduate student unions to statewide teachers’ strikes, rampant ICE deportations to campaigns against corporate support of institutionalized violence, Boston DSA organizes on a wide range of issues. We cannot build a movement with insufficient political education, as it is the foundation for everything we do. Political education is the shared learning process needed to inform, mobilize, and advance our work. The more we exchange experiences and ideas, the more connected we are as a chapter. But these perspectives are not only for Boston DSA. We also hope to share perspectives from both members and non-members with the greater Boston community, other DSA chapters, and anyone interested in leftist organizing.

What better place to share experiences and ideas than a blog? There are many voices that are yearning to be heard by Boston DSA and beyond. Within our chapter, we have students leading YDSA chapters at their colleges or universities, housing activists pushing for a more affordable Boston, and academics well-versed in political theory. Experience levels and specific interests may differ among our members, but one thing’s for sure: we have plenty of opinionated and enthusiastic people who keep the organization alive. Outside of our chapter, there are many organizing on the frontlines for issues we care about. Here you’ll read perspectives on local chapter activities, socialist perspectives on current or historical events/issues, and cultural commentary.

With our blog, we hope to give writers a platform to express their thoughts and provide readers interesting and meaningful information. By doing so, we engage in collective political education. Submissions are welcome anytime. Happy reading!

Who are we?

We’re the Boston Political Education Working Group Editorial Committee. This blog is not an official publication of Boston DSA, but all members of the Editorial Committee are Boston DSA members.

Get Involved

If you’re a member of Boston DSA and you’d like to get involved with this publication, email education@bostondsa.org with a submission idea. You’re also welcome to join us at 7pm on the final Thursday of each month at the Democracy Center, 45 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA (currently moved to Zoom) for the monthly meeting of the Political Education Working Group.

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