Protest in the Time of COVID: A Brief Guide to Keeping Yourself and Your Comrades (Reasonably) Safe While Protesting Police Brutality During a Pandemic

by the Boston DSA Direct Action, De-escalation, and Security (DADS) Committee Why Protest:   Boston DSA stands in absolute solidarity with the mass protests that have broken out following the brutal police murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. Wiser people than us have written about the multitude of abuses the police have casually heaped …

On Aug 4th, the Bangladesh government tried to kill children for demanding road safety and justice.

Students Protest in Bangladesh. One student is shirtless with "We want Justice" written on his chest.

For the past 6 days, Bangladesh has been rocked by protests that no one had imagined. In a country where school students are actively kept away from politics, high school students came out to protest the killings of two classmates by reckless driving. So far, 115 have been reported to be injured, student protesters have been shot at, and journalists and citizens who have tried to take photos and videos of the incidents have been harassed and assaulted, especially women, and their phones or cameras have been broken or snatched by Bangladesh Chhatra League thugs.