Boston DSA Statement on new BDS resolutions and dissent from the NPC

Following our December 19th General Meeting, the members of Boston Democratic Socialists of America voted to pass four resolutions that chart a path toward more consistent solidarity with the Palestinian cause and make some necessary structural and procedural changes to help our chapter get there. Nationally and locally, the general membership of DSA is the …

Boston DSA Coordinating Committee Statement re: Leckey Campaign Allegations

Last week, Boston DSA received a letter from multiple former staffers alleging serious misconduct and abuse towards her staff by Ihssane Leckey. We believe these allegations are credible enough that they require a substantive response from the Leckey campaign. As a socialist organization, we have the obligation to treat workers' allegations of maltreatment and exploitation …

No Surrender

A world of hurt You may already know by now that Bernie Sanders has suspended his presidential candidate campaign. It feels like a lifetime ago that a glorious moment had appeared in the American political sphere when we felt unstoppable; a moment where the bright light of liberation and justice had shown into this dark, …

The Woodstock Conservatism of Lana Del Rey

In January, pop star Lorde responded to pressure from advocates for Palestine by canceling a scheduled concert in Tel Aviv, prompting outrage (including an Israeli lawsuit against activists in her native New Zealand). Lorde joined a growing list of music artists — from Elvis Costello and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters to Lauryn Hill and Talib Kweli — who have refused to violate the cultural boycott of Israel demanded by the international movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS).

On September 9, Lana Del Rey is scheduled to perform in Israel for the first time at Tel Aviv’s Meteor Festival, and it is regrettably unlikely she’ll join that list.

Independent Power or Betrayal

Horace Vernet’s painting depicting the fighting near the Pantheon during the “June Days” in Paris in 1848

Institutions are never neutral. Political parties, companies, churches, schools, media outlets - they are created out of the interests of certain classes or sections of classes and find their form and function based on the mode of production of production and the social relations that arise from it...So what kind of institution are we building with our participation in the DSA?

Their Dream and Ours: a Review of “The Dream is Lost” and a Path Forward for the Left

Three men standing around a car with signs for the Crusade for Voters

Mike B The following is a short book summary followed by an analysis. This piece is the opinion of the author only and does not represent the views of any organization to which they belong.  This piece was originally published on Medium. SUMMARY Julian Hayter’s invaluable book, The Dream is Lost,  provides the first monograph-length …

On Endorsement

- Janet Malaime Background Last week DSA’s National Political Committee announced their endorsement of four candidates in the upcoming elections. Among the endorsees was Geneviéve Jones-Wright, who ran for district attorney of San Diego county. The email DSA sent on its listserv announcing the endorsements likens Jones-Wright to Larry Krasner, a progressive DA in Philadelphia …