10 Antifascist Books to Help You Prepare for What’s Next

Comrades, Following the events of January 6th, we've been hearing a lot of folks talk about wanting to get involved in doing antifascist work. Solidarity Against Hate - Boston has a long history of and fairly single-issue focus on organizing popular mobilizations against fascist groups, which means our schedule is actually pretty clear for the …

Boston Police Captain John Danilecki: A Clear and Present Danger to Boston

- Chris S.  In numerous videos of the Straight Pride Parade counter-protest march held in Boston on Saturday, Aug 31, there was one figure who stood out. A Captain in the Boston Police Department (BPD) — and the only BPD officer wearing a black vest covering his badge — this officer seemed to be routinely on the front lines …

Only We Can Save Ourselves

A Boston DSA members marshal's at last year's counter-protests rally

“And there’s hope because we are going to save ourselves.” That was the message Sarah — a member of Boston Feminists for Liberation (BFL) — delivered as part of a panel discussion and town hall on anti-fascism in Boston on August 15th, in the lead up to the rally to counter-protest fascists in Boston on August 18th.