There is No Justice in This System

All who are free in this room are either enforcing or complying with this criminal punishment system, myself included. Fear of retaliation, of being charged with contempt of the court, of the shame associated with disrespecting the courtroom, keeps me from crying out, “Free them all!” or “This is bullshit!” There is no justice in this system, and all we can do is observe and take notes.

Boston Radical History Walking Tour

There is a radical history in Boston that you won't find on the mainstream Freedom Trail. It is a history of displacement and resistance, of unions and strikes, of protests and riots. As socialists organizing in Boston it is part of our job to root ourselves in that local history and become an expression of the long battle of the exploited and marginalized against the powerful and rich. This is the script of the first Boston DSA Radical History Walking Tour, with potentially more to follow.

On Aug 4th, the Bangladesh government tried to kill children for demanding road safety and justice.

Students Protest in Bangladesh. One student is shirtless with "We want Justice" written on his chest.

For the past 6 days, Bangladesh has been rocked by protests that no one had imagined. In a country where school students are actively kept away from politics, high school students came out to protest the killings of two classmates by reckless driving. So far, 115 have been reported to be injured, student protesters have been shot at, and journalists and citizens who have tried to take photos and videos of the incidents have been harassed and assaulted, especially women, and their phones or cameras have been broken or snatched by Bangladesh Chhatra League thugs.

Independent Power or Betrayal

Horace Vernet’s painting depicting the fighting near the Pantheon during the “June Days” in Paris in 1848

Institutions are never neutral. Political parties, companies, churches, schools, media outlets - they are created out of the interests of certain classes or sections of classes and find their form and function based on the mode of production of production and the social relations that arise from it...So what kind of institution are we building with our participation in the DSA?

Communism in Hollywood: On the Satire ‘Sorry To Bother You’

by Conor G. Warning: this essay contains (somewhat vague) spoilers. In their essay "Black Like Mao: Red China and Black Revolution" from 1999 [PDF], historians Robin D.G. Kelley and Betsy Esch reflect on a peculiar trend in hip-hop: the revolutionary thought of Mao Tse-Tung. The authors show how the lyrics of Boots Riley—frontman and main …

I Got Arrested and So Can You

Police in front of the South Bay dentention facility

Twenty of us offered ourselves up for the civil disobedience part of the rally—the prison blockade. We had very different reasons, but I think all of them basically came down to a desire to fight injustice and build a better world. We were brought into the protest through different paths.