Libertarian Socialism and the LSC: An Introduction

Members of Boston DSA are currently working to form a Libertarian Socialist Caucus (LSC) chapter. The central goals of the caucus include ending capitalism, horizontalizing power structures, and replacing vanguardist, centralist approaches to organizing and ideology with decentralized, consensus-oriented decision-making systems.

Toward Radical Democracy: A Proposal for Internal Voting Reform in Boston DSA

by Kit C., Treasurer, and Evan L., Steering Committee Democratic Socialists of America is an organization founded on the idea that socialism is inseparable from democracy. The democracy we envision is not one founded on the hollow institutions of liberal-democratic representative government, but a direct, radical democracy grounded in true collective liberation. We demand that …

Boston Radical History Walking Tour

There is a radical history in Boston that you won't find on the mainstream Freedom Trail. It is a history of displacement and resistance, of unions and strikes, of protests and riots. As socialists organizing in Boston it is part of our job to root ourselves in that local history and become an expression of the long battle of the exploited and marginalized against the powerful and rich. This is the script of the first Boston DSA Radical History Walking Tour, with potentially more to follow.